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Profile wrapping PU hot melt adhesives

Profile Wrapping

Window profile wrapping PUR hot melt (PU) with SKZ and RAL Certification

We have developed a complete range of Polyurethane Hot Melts and primers for windows profile wrapping. These products are with SKZ certification.

Part of our program is the widest primer range, in order to provide the best solution for all customer needs.Our Polyurethane hot melt adhesives have been formulated for an outstanding water and heat resistance

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Furniture panels PUR hot melt adhesives

The edge banding is one of the most used application in furniture finishing panels. It is used for almost all components of the furniture.

Different kind of adhesives can be used in the edge banding process. The main used are:

•EVA Hot Melts (standard product)
•PO Hot Melts (if IR lamps are used for paint reactivation)
•PUR Hot Melts (water resistance necessary)

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COBB value and adhesives for labels

So we already know about the importance of COBB, so what factors in your control will affect it? If a label is engineered to take on water at a given rate, the last thing we want to do is increase or decrease its moisture content from that set by the label manufacturer.

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Glass Bottle Labeling Adhesives

Intercol developes water-based, Casein, synthetic and Zinc Free adghesives. We are engineering our adhesives to give excellent Clean-ability. If required, specific Ice-Proof, Ice Water Resitance (IWR) can be build in. Some products are extreme moisture and water Resistant. Standard
shelf life of 9 months. Our adhesives have proven temperature & viscosity stability. With advised machine settings, we enable adhesive savings up to 20%.

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Container labelling adhesives

Intercol Labeling Adhesives

Intercol Adhesives manufactures a Full Line of waterbased and hot melt Container Labeling Adhesives for High Speed Container and Bottle Labeling machines.

Our hot melt adhesives, water based casein, synthetic and dextrine Adhesives are used for all types of Container, cans, boxes, cartons and Bottle labeling requirements and can be custom designed to meet specific application and substrate requirements for to meet the highest expetations.

Most of Intercol's Labeling Adhesives, and especially the grades used for the food & beverage industry meet the european regislations, law and requirements of the FDA Adhesives regulation: 21CFR175.105 Indirect Food Additives.

c are widely used in many industries like food, paint, and many consumer goods, but are suitable for many special applications.

Our Hot Melts are partially on PO (polyolefin) base and therefore offer excellent thermal stability besides superior adhesion to various types of substrates including difficult to bond Plastics, Foils, Films coatings, Metallized labels and UV coated paper-qualities.

Part of or hot melt adhesive range are Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt (PSA HM) for labeling applications that require long open time, or high tack.

We aim and have proven to offer excellent machining (high machine output) and superior adhesion to all commercial available types of bottles, cans, cartons and other containers – for returnable bottles, we offer specific water/moisture/ice resistance even to Low Energy Surfaces (difficult to bond substrates) including (treated) PET, PP, PS, PO or PE.

Adhesives for industrial gluing

Intercol adhesives is a leading manufacturer of high-quality adhesives taylored for your application including finetuning for glue systems for industrial glue application.
  • Precise adhesive application equipment requires fine tuned adhesives, we support our customers in different industries with finding the most efficient adhesives in our customers production process.

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Hot melt adhesives versatile and practical to use in various production processes

Hot Melt adhesives are very versatile and practically invisible in assembled and/or glued products. The fast adhesion, (short drying/curing time) of Intercol's hot melt adhesives, support production processes worldwide. With thorough technical advice for the optimal application in your process, in iindustries like packaging and assembly industry. And also the right compositions and production conditions to guarantee our adhesives in a food-safe way for packaging applications. Our adhesives have a wide adhesion range, from the many different types of cardboard under various conditions (heat, cold, moisture) and to a wide variety of materials such as foam types (foam), corrugated board, solid board, lacquered paper, laminated paper, textile, nonwovens, plastics, glass and metals.

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Packaging hot melt adhesives (food and consumer goods)

In the packaging industry, Intercol develops adhesives that guarantee an effective protection of the packaged (food)products, keeping consumergoods stable, safe and unchanged. Whilst being effected by severall stress factors such as weight, deep freeze, or high ambient temperatures.

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Potato starch adhesives

For manufacturing multi-ply paper bags, Intercol designed a range high performance adhesives based upon new biobased raw materials such as modified potato starch. A remarkable difference with existing adhesives on the market is the stability of the viscosity during storage and transport. Intercol adhesives are tested and developed to gives more flexibility to our customer's production process.

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