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Potato starch adhesives

For manufacturing multi-ply paper bags, Intercol designed a range high performance adhesives based upon new biobased raw materials such as modified potato starch. A remarkable difference with existing adhesives on the market is the stability of the viscosity during storage and transport. Intercol adhesives are tested and developed to gives more flexibility to our customer's production process.

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Hot melt Adhesives

In different chemical basis we manufacture several grades of hot melt adhesives. For various applications and many sectors. Our hotmelt adhesives can be based on EVA, PO, PUR, APAO and Rubber are just some raw materials for many, pre/post/soft forming, contour coating, curved and 3D elements (wood) production.

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hot melt 3426 - packaging hot melts - Metallocene vs EVA

hot melt adhesives offer maximal flex-ibility within the food packaging industry, usage of new metallocene hot melt grades has increased dramatically during the last decade replacing amber coloured EVA resin hotmelt adhesives.

self adhesive foam tape hotmelt PSA EHM 8450

Single-sided coated adhesive foam tape are made of PE foam and our standard hot-melt adhesive EHM 8450A. The foam belt can be precoated on coating lines by means of coating one side with a HMPSA. PE foamst can prevent direct contact between materials, protect shipments, or isolate or insulate buildings. Special hot melt adhesive grades offer a good temperature resistance both high and low, UV resistance and are solvent free.

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Water Based Adhesives Manufacturers

Water Based adhesives products contain usually 40-60% solids. We offer special grades that offer up to 80% solids. The majority of adhesives are viscous emulsions of PVA (polyvinyl acetate) or EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), but there are also solutions of starch, dextrin and PolyVinylAlcohol (PVOH)

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what are pressure sensitive (psa) hot melt adhesives?

Pressure-sensitive adhesives are adhesives which forms a bond when contact or pressure is applied to merge the adhesive with the substrate. No solvent, or heat is needed to activate the adhesion. PSA hot melts can be used to produce (e.g. coating of a plastic laminate) pressure-sensitive tapes, labels, glue dots, and a variety of other products.

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Melting Point hot melt adhesives (Ring & Ball Method)

The melting temperature of a hotmelt is usually determined by means of a Ring & ball method. This method is based on the fact that an adhesive layer carries itself, a steel ball. As soon as, at a certain temperature, the ball sinks through the adhesive layer, the melting temperature is determined. The melting temperature, usually indicated by Ring & Ball, does not directly say anything about the temperature resistance.

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Hot melt adhesive cleaner food safe

Intercol supplies a selection of adhesive cleaners that complement our adhesive range. These especially work well on hot melt adhesives and PSA.

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Hot melts, Adhesives, Dispersions, glues

hot melt, adhesive dispersions manufacturerIntercol Adhesives, your adhesive manufacturer for hot melts, dispersions and specialty glues.

hot melt equipment
AGF hotmelt (hot melt gluing)
Intercol has various cardboard boxes and packaging hotmelts, some of which have also been developed especially for the fresh produce market.

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Fefco Water resistant side seam adhesives for corrugated inliner gluing

Paper adhesives professional and glue manufacturer Intercol has extensive expertise in bonding paper products, water-resistant supporting cartons, solid, folding cardboard, corrugated cardboard and honeycomb, which as a whole must meet various requirements of TAPPI and / or FEFCO such as water resistance for corrugated boxes (side seem gluing).Also laminating flat paper (withoutblisters) is a challenge that we like professionally and eagerly. Our range includes water-based adhesives on a synthetic and vegetable basis, hot glues based on gelatine and hot melt adhesives.

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