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Intercol’s 2-component transparent PUR potting compound is used for protection of reflectors and LED lighting that are used in road markings. This compound offers a highly bullet-proof protection and exhibits acid resistance. Currently one of the high-ways near Schiphol has been equiped with this so-called "Dynamic Road Marking system" for extensive endurance tests.

Another example of the advantages PUR systems have to offer compared to formerly used Epoxies, is displayed by the application in which our 2-component transparent formulation is used for floor coverings. This formulation offers a very though, wear- and UV resistant coating which can be used outside. Because the formulation is frost and waterproof, it is now possible to offer this type of flooring for your swimming pool !

Our potting compound are not only used for protection of electronic parts against water and humidity. Intercol’s potting compounds can also be used as insulation material for electric currents upto 20 kiloVolts. A specific formulation is able to conduct the produced heat with a garanteed temperature resistance upto 130 degrees Celsius. Our compounds will not absorp water and are resistant against temperatures between –50 upto +130 degrees Celsius. A specific application which requires durability and reliability under extreme circumstances is that of a spark-detonator for heating purposes.

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