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PolyUrethane (PUR) Potting Compounds

Intercol is specialized in 2 component PolyUrethane Potting Compounds.

The family of PUR Potting Compounds can be devided into 2 main categories:

Filled Compounds
Our filled 2-component PolyUrethane products are mainly used in the electronics industry.
These filled PUR compounds are being used for potting applications in Transformers, Engines, Switch Cabinets and general Electronics

We offer the possibility to develop and manufacture PUR systems according to your requirements.

Transparent Compounds
Our range of transparent PolyUrethane compounds has been developed for sustainable Lighting and Power Generation applications.
These robust PUR products are very well suited for outdoor devised like; Solar panels, LED lighting.

In addition these 100% transparent and UV resistant compounds can be used for decorative purposes such as flooring (coating) or binding agents in stone Carpets.

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