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We supply a selection of cleaning products that complement our range of both hot melt and waterbased adhesives.

Each cleaning product has been formulated to remove adhesive quickly and easily from machineparts, tanks, hoses and production line surfaces. In doing so, they help to maximise machine efficiency, minimise down time and avoid internal contamination that can otherwise result in blocked nozzles and viscosity inconsistencies.

Our cleaners include:

  • PD 100 which is ideal for regular medium to light duty cleaning of dried adhesive residue.
  • PD 200 medium to heavy duty cleaner for dried build-up or gelled adhesive. PD 200 is a gel that can also be applied on up-side-down surfaces without spilling.
  • BAMSolve for heavy duty contamination, surface cleaning and baked on char.

Please contact us for more information.

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