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Workshops & Training

We offer following workshops:..

This workshop offers insights in the most important adhesive requirements for the many different bookbinding applications in the market.
Both the use of Hot Melt and Waterbased formulations will be explained.

Hot Melt
How are Hot Melts developed ? What is adhesion ?
These and many more aspects will be explained during the morning session.
We will also demonstrate a number of key test methods and show our daily business in the laboratories.
In addition we will talk about do's and don'ts with the wide range of application equipment that is currenly available in the market.

How are dispersion adhesives manufactured ? For which applications are dispersion adhesives suitable ?
We will talk about modern day adhesive requirements and address a wide variey of relevant subjects such as; Raw Materials, Application Methods, Food Approval, Health & Safety etc.
We will end this informative day with a tour of our Laboratories and Manufacturing.

Intercol offers several training programms based on the expertise and market areas we are focussing on.
The workshops are held in Ede during the course of a full day and offer participants the possibility to join our Factory and Laboratories Tour

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Workshopform (PDF)

Our workshops are suitable for anyone that professionally deals with adhesives.
For example:

- Machine Operators
- Quality Control
- Raw Material Purchasing
- Production Managers

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