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Bound to last from the first page to the very last, we produce adhesives that provide outstanding spine gluing, side gluing, casing in and tip-in applications.
Created using high quality raw materials and an advanced manufacturing process, our bookbinding adhesives give superior page pull strength and assured bonding across all stocks from newsprint to heavy gloss and coated papers, creating durable spines.

Side glue adhesives can be supplied for use with most binding machines and provide an application that can be accurately applied and cleanly trimmed.
Permanent and peelable adhesives are manufactured for the production of tip-ins. These provide customers with the ability to bond cards, coins and sachets to all paper and cover stocks without any staining or tearing.

Being a value-adding adhesives manufacturer, Intercol has developed adhesives that can easily be removed to support the increasing requirement for print and paper to be recycled.
Furthermore, we have the expertise to work with customers to replace multiple adhesives with single advanced products.

Intercol offers a wide variety of adhesives suitable for every job within the Bookbinding market;

- Waterbased dispersion adhesives
- Hot melt adhesives
- Animal glues

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