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water resistance test according to FEFCO

Customized corrugated cardboard is made of 3.0 cm in width and 10.0 cm in length; The length of the strip is made in the longitudinal direction of the corrugated cardboard (so the wings can be seen on the narrow side).
The glue is applied to the center hole of the 3-track applicator (200 μm) across the end of the strip. Another strip is laid on the glued length 30 mm in length and pressed under a glass plate with 13.5 kilo weight for 2 minutes. 6 strips are glued in the manner described..
After the glued strip has been on the laboratory table for 5 days, the Fefco-09 test is started.

In a bucket of water at 20.0 ° C the strips with the upper strip are hung on a rod and with 500 grams of weight on the bottom strip in the water. The glue connection must be maintained for all 5 strips for 24 hours to be able to speak of a successful Fefco-09 test. Fault 1 strip within 24 hours, then the 6th strip will be used. If this also fails, the glue did not reach the Fefco-09 test.

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