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Corrugated board newsletter

Do you work with Inliners (Martin, Emba, Isowa, enz.) ? Are you interested in:

  • Higher machine output
  • Less machine downtime
  • Versatile adhesives for different board qualities
  • Increased cost-effective production

Then you should consider our adhesives - Intercol has more than 40 years experience in industrial adhesives used in the corrugated board industry.

1. Machines run faster and faster !

Changes in materials, customer requirements and increasing demand for cost effective products demand increasing reliability and efficiency of your manufacturing process.

Machines have to run faster and more efficient to meet the today's requirements nowadays. To be able to meet these modern requirements, Inliner glueing machines changed from contact (wheel and nozzle) to non-contact (jetting) adhesive applications.
The introduction of
electronic control systems instead of mechanical triggering offers the benefits of reliable and accurate high speed adhesive applications and therefor adhesive costs savings.

Application machinery suppliers offer new, high tech solutions to meet your expectations.

2. Adhesive developments.

Non-contact adhesive application systems have developed into complex integrated systems that are widely uses in the corrugated board industries.
These systems have created solutions for (Inline) machinery suppliers such as Bobst, Heidelberg, Vega and others to increase production speed of their machines.

From the beginning, Intercol has been involved in these developments and has developed a wide range of adhesive formulations for non-contact applications.
Our range of adhesives have been developed in close cooperation with both Machine manufacturers as well as adhesive application equipment manufacturers and offer our customers a reliable and efficient production process.

3. Cost saving adhesives

Intercol's range of jetting adhesives offer:

  • adhesive consumption savings
  • reliable control and consistent adhesive volume
  • clean and easy to use - less machine downtime

4. Adhesive requirements

The latest high-tech application equipment requires the latest high-quality adhesive formulations. Intercol's range offers following benefits:

  • Minimal to none Nozzle contamination; no irregular glue patterns or nozzle blockages
  • Clean running, no splashing or "satellites"
  • Excellent start/stop properties, even after longer breaks
  • No clogging of glue-filters
  • Fast speed of set; offering fibre tearing bonds immediately after compression, enabling problem free stacking
  • High wet-tack formulations that prevent open flaps and fish-tailing.

5. Reliability

Increasing line speeds require sophisticated electronic controll systems.
The quality of the adhesive application can be monitored with glue detection systems.
Intercol is very familiar with these detection techniques and systems and our range of adhesives offer built-in detection materials to ensure a smooth and reliable automated quality control system.

Please refer to our news item about our latest development in UV detection possibilities.

6. Raw Material selection

Many (glued)packaging materials find their way into the Food Industry.
In close cooperation with our suppliers, we select the best suitable raw materials to guarentee our adhesives to meet the latest in Food-related requirements.
Increasingly demanding Food regulations: HACCP, FDA, BfR, SML, REACH, etc.. are well met in our selection of adhesive formulations.

We offer an interesting range of sml-adhesives, specifically developed for Food Packaging and Corrugated Board Manufacturing.

Are you looking for a standard adhesive solution, do you wish a tailor-made adhesive, or do you have any questions ? Please contact:

Mr. Adrie Donker

Adhesive- and application specialist, Intercol BV

Mobile: +31-6-20015042

Office: +31-318-636363

Fax: +31-318 639474

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Web: www.intercol.nl

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