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Unique solution for Automated Adhesive Detection Systems

The products that are currently used to enable automated detection of glue beads and/or dots by camera systems, seem to be failing in a increasing number of applications.
This is caused by the increased levels of optical brighteners used in the manufacturing of recycled paper and carton materials

It is a generally known problem for which adhesive application system manufacturers and Intercol have been developing alternatives.

We can now let you know that we have succeeded !
We have been able to develop a detection material that is not influenced by the optical brighteners inside the paper and carton substrates and which will offer a reliable and accurate detection system under all circumstances.

Extensive tests and trials have shown that the use of the material in our selected formulations does not affect adhesive characteristics and is safe to use.

Intercol closely cooperates with all market parties involved and is able to offer an adhesive solution for any situation.

Are you interested in our possibilities and what we can offer for your Glue detection system ? Please use the enquiry form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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