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New Food approved packaging adhesives

Migration limit - food grade  and food approved adhesives for packaging

Intercol has developed a new range of waterbased adhesives for Food Packaging.

We have been offering our range of adhesives suitable for Food Packaging for many years, but changes in regulations did require specific Statements for individual products and customers.

Our new range of Food Approved packaging formulations are called 'SML 12 Adhesives'.
We offer a general statement that covers all regulations in relation to Food Packaging and offer our customers the latest in Food Approved Adhesives.

Our new SML 12 Adhesives meet the latest European food safety reguirements (1934/2005/EG) and the Plastics Implementation Measure (PIM - 10/2011/EG).
SML 12 Adhesives can be safely used for the manufacturing of Food Packaging and minimize the risk on migration.

Please contact us for further information.

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