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For tankless and on demand – we’ve passed every test

For tankless and on demand – we’ve passed every test.

For exceptional performance with tankless, on-demand systems, look no further than Intercol’ hot melt adhesives. After extensive testing on both Freedom™ and InvisiPac®, we can confirm that our range of Futura packaging adhesives are ideal for use on vacuum feed, tankless, on-demand systems - being both free flowing and non-blocking. So you benefit from the outstanding advantages that come from using the latest application equipment together with the advantages of our superior and pioneering hot melts. Intercol' hot melts are approved for use on Freedom & Invisipac.

Our hot melts have been proven to perform exceptionally well with on-demand systems, and our highly acclaimed Futura range is the one-stop solution for tankless applicators in the packaging industry. Manufactured using high quality raw materials and cutting edge production processes, the Futura range delivers a level of performance that surpasses that of any other packaging hot melts. It combines high heat resistance with low temperature flexibility, and a fast speed of set with assured adhesion to some of the most difficult-to-bond materials, including metallised polyester materials, PP coated, PET laminated, varnished and high-density board. In addition, our hot melts are pearl white in colour, do not fume and are virtually odourless.

These proven adhesives are fully compatible with the latest tankless, on-demand systems. Beardow Adams’ hot melts provide global manufacturers with unique adhesive benefits that can be used across a vast range of packaging formats and with the most delicate and absorbent foods or pharmaceuticals. There is a comprehensive choice of Futura products in the range – proven to help give manufacturers a competitive edge and a technological advantage.

Your business can now have the best of both worlds - the outstanding advantages of today’s latest application equipment; together with the high performance of our superior hot melts.

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