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Toll Manufacturing

There can be a thousand reasons why you would like to have your products manufactured by a third party.
One of the unique benefits we can offer you is our 40 years of experience.
Customer orientation is in our blood and combined with our short lines of communication and effecient organisation, this has proven to be a very succesfull combination.

Intercol can truly become your manufacturing partner !


  • experienced Research & Development team;
  • advanced analytical equipment and techniques;
  • dedicated Quality Assurance team;
  • process and productdevelopment;

manufacturing possibilities:

  • blending low viscous waxes and resin;
  • mixing high viscous polymers;
  • mixing dextrine, starches, PolyVinylAlcohol or any other powdered products in a water solution;
  • mixing polymer dispersions in water;
  • blending of 1K and 2K PolyUrethane Compounds

(re)conditioning of Thermoplastic materials (such as Hot Melts):

  • pastillating low to medium viscosity materials;
  • packaging of Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesives (film wrap or silicon lined paper)
  • packaging of Hot Melt Adhesives into Drums (use of drum-melter).

Privat label possibilities:

  • Package in privat label format
  • Customer protection programm
  • Exclusivity arrangements

Would you like to find out if we are able to offer what you are looking for ? Please use the enquiry form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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