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Hot Melt

Hot Melts are Thermoplastic Adhesives that are applied in molten state and create a bond by cooling down into solid state.
These type of adhesives are 100% solid and do not contain soluables, water or volatile substances.

Hot Melts are used because of their:

  • fast speed of set. A minimum compression time is required (< 1 sec.)
  • versatility and adhesion to a wide variety of materials
  • relatively easy to use characteristics (user friendly equipment)

Thermoplastic and Poly Urethane (PUR)

There are basically 2 groups within the Hot Melt family; Thermoplastic and PUR based Hot Melts.
Thermoplastic Hot Melts can be used over and over again as they will become soft and melt when heat is applied and return into solid state when cooled down.
PUR based Hot Melts will react chemically after they have been applied and create an irriversable solid mass. PUR based Hot Melts offer extremely durable bonds (high heat resistance, resistance against agressive chemicals), but require specialty application equipment.

New Generation Hot Melt formulations

Intercol offers the HMFutura range; a new generation formulations based on the highest quality Raw Materials available.
HMFutura Hot Melts are very clean running, do not fume or smell, offer excellent thermostability and will not gel or char (no nozzle blockage).
Users of these versatile formulations benefit from lower consumption, lower maintainance costs and increased machine-output.
If you are interested in our HMFutura Hot Melts, and wonder if they can work for you, please look at our Brochure section that will offer you further information on this clearly unique range of formulations.
HMFutura Hot Melts are available of Packaging, Labelling, Bookbinding and Woodworking applications.

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