Vinyl-acetate ethylene co-polymer emulsions (VAE)

Vinyl Acetate Ethylene (UAE) copolymers are water based emulsions and are widely used for all kinds of adhesives at Intercol. VAE offers several advantages over homopolymeric PVAC’s such as a lower glass transition temperature (Tg°C).

VAE adhesives offer similar processing properties as PVAc’s but adhere better to non-porous surfaces such as coatings, plastic laminates, vinyl but also metals, glass, aluminium, etc. Copolymeric adhesives based on VAE also offer a more flexible adhesive film, better water resistance and improved processing properties.

Copolymer dispersions are widely used in all kinds of packaging applications, for composing flexible packaging materials and all kinds of cardboard packaging. E

Applications with Copolymer VAE Adhesives

Copolymeric dispersion adhesives offer many possibilities to make applications run optimally. Intercol supplies various application specific adhesives.

  • Closing cardboard boxes
  • Gluing coated cardboard
  • Production of paper bags
  • Lamination of packaging material
  • Production of furniture
  • Bookbinding
  • Textiles
  • Non-wovens