Scarcity of raw materials in the adhesive industry

There is a great scarcity on the world raw materials market, which causes delays in deliveries to our purchasing side. Because of our large internal stocks, most Intercol customers have not noticed this yet.

Which products are scarce?

  1. Scarcity of various raw materials. This affects almost all end products.
  2. Transport capacity (road, sea and air transport), as a result of which raw materials cannot be delivered (on time);
  3. Packaging materials such as buckets, IBCs, cans and cardboard.

The scarcity of raw materials also occurs at a time when there is a greater need for our adhesives due to increased activity in, for example, the packaging industry with cardboard. This extraordinary concurrence of circumstances is completely beyond our control and creates an unprecedented situation that forces us to implement appropriate measures. The main thing is that, together with our customers, we are trying to get through this period as best we can. We assume that we will be able to return to a more normal situation in a few months’ time.

Volume allocation

We are forced to apply volume allocations for existing and new orders, depending on availability.