PVA Glue

Intercol is a manufacturer of PVA glue. It can be mixed with many chemical additives to provide faster or stronger adhesion at specific circumstances. PVA glue is also known as white wood glue or school glue, it’s white coloured and dries quickly and transparently. This glue is excellent for use on wood, paper, cardboard and textiles. It is also known for making slime.

PVA glue

Gluing wood

PVA Wood adhesives are white adhesives of synthetic raw materials.

For the use of wood adhesives in special climatic conditions, the European standard NBN EN 204 defines the following classes:

D1: for use in dry and temperate indoor climates: inter alia, indoor furniture
D2: for use in sometimes humid indoor climates: e.g. bathroom furniture
D3: for use in humid indoor or outdoor climates under roof: e.g. canopies
D4: for use in contact with water or in external climates, with ground contact: e.g. outdoor furniture

Packaging and converting

For the production of paper, corrugated boxes, cardboard, folding boxes and end of line product sealing, PVA is often used.

As a primer

PVA is used as a base in many primers for building and construction purposes, but can also be used for primers of food and packaging