New Prices effective 01.04.2021

Since the start of the pandemic crisis, our adhesive production, purchasing and supply chain teams for raw materials have invested unprecedented time and resources to keep up with a high service level to secure our
supply to our customers.

Ethylen, Propylen, VAM, Styren, Butadien or Tackifying resins

Over the past months, in addition to regular adhesive raw material feedstock and worldwidetransport cost increases,
the industry supply chains have further tightened with recurring shortages and force majeure
situations such as in Texas, which resulted in restricted supply and significant rises in prices for relevant raw
materials such as Ethylen, Propylen, VAM, Styren, Butadien or Tackifying resins.

Hotmelt and waterbased adhesives pricing

Intercol has made every attempt to postpone the decision and absorb this substantial cost increase
on our own, but at this stage, we are constrained to pass on some of the impact to our
customers by adjusting our prices to ensure the continuity of the supply.
Therefore, Intercol has made a decision to implement a price increase as of 01st of April.
As of today, the increase affects to:

  • EVA hot melt adhesives
  • Polyolefin range (metallocens) and white EVA product range
  • HM PSA adhesives
  • Water based product range, copolymers (EVOH), homopolymers (PVAC) and Acrylates (AA)

continuity of the supply

Over the last years, Intercol has made strong efforts to secure raw materials and optimize productivity, with no compromise on quality, through investment in adhesive research, efficient equipment and improved technology. We value our collaboration with high technical production applications and want to continue deliver the best adhesive with the highest level of performance, quality and service.