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How to extend the lifespan of a carpet

Carpet ageing is often a multiple factor influence:

  • Wear because of usage, especially wit wheel chairs. A good carpet fiber is essential here
  • Discolouration because of sunlight. One should regurlarly replace items or let these stay indefinitely
  • Ageing because of usage, dirt and mold
  • Ageing of the carpetbacking binder

Especially here to be addressed that cheap highly filled, unstable polymer backings will reduce in strength during time. This can be seen already quite soon at the backside of a carpet. On the long term, fibers will be less good fixed to it’s backing. This can be caused by degradation of the binding polymer.

VAE is again a solution here, because this is a stable polymer that is UV stable, non yellowing, it does not get brittle like potential other, and especially cheap binding polymers.

Long lasting carpet backings - with VAE compounds from Intercol Adhesives

Intercol adhesives is an experienced compounder for VAE polymer compounds with also highly filled formulations. Just contact us for your specific compound need.


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