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Hydrofobisten pinnoitteiden valmistus ja maksullinen valmistus

Intercol is a partner in developing new waterbased ocatings, mainly dispersions but also solutions like starch and Poval. Waterbased polymers can be used as a binder for coating systems. These polymers may contain an opacifying pigment, such as polymer-modified plasters. Intercol can formulate special compositions and is experienced with advanced manufacturing technology for waterbased coatings and adhesives.

Customer-specific formulated waterbased polymers

Vinyl chloride, ethylene and vinyl ester terpolymer

Besides Poval, PVAC, EVOH and starches, specials dispersions may be based on vinyl chloride, ethylene and vinyl ester terpolymer. These polymers can be used as a binder for coating systems containing an opacifying pigment. Or other building and renovating products such as polymer modified plasters. The special composition and manufacturing technology that Intercol has available, are serving several industries. Especially very hydrophobic applications can benefit from:

  • Excellent water resistance
  • Very good flame-resistance
  • Very good alkaline resistance
  • Good compatibility with cement