E-commerce packaging adhesives

Our solutions for ecommerce are well proven and offer great reliability for you and your customers.

E-commerce is one of the most popular ways for consumers to buy goods and services. EHM 9078 gives you great features on the pack: high tack, tamper-evidence at high and low temperatures and non-staining. EHM 9078 can be used for single or double seal applications. This PSA hot melt runs super-cleanly on machines and has aa fast melt rate to keep production running smoothly.

Growing market for corrugated and flexible packaging applications

During 2020, the e-commerce sector gained even more momentum. Global e-commerce sales broke $4 trillion in 2020 – a growth rate of 27.6% in comparison to 2019. Intercol’s products has to meet the increased demand for quality adhesives for parcels of all shapes and sizes.

Packaging is already one of our biggest industry here at Intercol Adhesives and we continually supply adhesives for even the most demanding applications. We manufacture adhesives which bonds a great variety of packaging materials such as flexibles and the more environmentally favoured corrugated board or solid board as well as pressure sensitive adhesives for the manufacturing tapes and closing applications

E-commerce packaging adhesives

Temperature resistancy.

E-commerce packaging adhesives now must be able to cope with the latest packaging designs and offer a safe and reliable bond. Intercol meets the consumers’ fast -changing demands such as tamper-resistant seals and return ready packaging.

Sustainable packaging

There is a growing demand for sustainable e-commerce packaging solutions. Consumers like  plastic-free packaging choices. Luckily, our high content bio-based adhesives are an environmentally responsible choice.

Our hotmelt PSA range offers quality, proven e-commerce adhesives. EHM 9724 was designed to give excellent adhesion on difficult to bond materials with low surface energy. These can be highly varnished, coated, or glossed boards and other packaging materials. Hot melt EHM 9836 is suited for low energy flexible surfaces like LDPE, HDPE and laminates. This adhesive can be used as a self-adhesive closure strip on courier bags.

Reduced Environmental impact

Intercol also has a standard range of adhesives for the flexible packaging sector which minimises material and shipping costs These flexibles reduces waste and supports the expansion of the e-commerce economy.