Dextrin adhesives

Dextrin adhesives are usually typically light straw to amber in colour. The most well-known application, which is now outdated, is that of glue for licking, mouth-clamp glue, or also gum glue on envelopes.

Dextrin adhesives provide clean machining and excellent bonding properties to cellulosic materials, but bonding is limited in relation to copolymer dispersion adhesives. Dextrin adhesives are mainly used on porous surfaces, such as paper, wood and cardboard. Also new, biobased, fibrous materials are in principle suitable to be bonded with this vegetable glue. Dextrin adhesives generally have a low moisture percentage and a high wet tack. Dextrin adhesives are very water-soluble, which promotes cleaning, but usually does not improve the water resistance for e.g. building applications.

Environmentally friendly adhesive

Being biobased, compostable and biodegradable, dextrin adhesives can answer positive to most environmental questions.

Applications with dextrin adhesives

Typical dextrin adhesive applications:

  • laminating
  • printing
  • carton and case sealing,
  • envelope manufacturing
  • converting
  • core winding
  • paper bags
  • remoistable stamps
  • remoistable envelopes
  • can labelling
  • carton labelling
  • pick up paper rolls
  • non woven applications
  • wood applications
Core range dextrin adhesives