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Hersteller von wässrigen Polymerdispersionen

Intercol is a manufacturer of various aqueous polymer dispersions and adhesives. Our adhesives are water-based and can have solid contents from 10% to 80%. We are used to optimizing adhesives for customer-specific applications, like application in carpeting, honeycomb, corrugated, packaging, solid board, textiles, wood and numerous other industries.

Co developing

For new projects, where an adhesive has been developed by an external R&D department, Intercol can enhance product development and increase machine efficiency. In addition, we can manufacture and optimize the production of the dispersion itself, including the optimal use and sourcing of additives.

Toll manufacturing

Finally, we offer our production facilities and even co-investments in new production technologies. We can invest in new production capacity, which already has the availability on 10 different units, from 200L up to 23.000 Litres. We can produce a full tank load in one batch.


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