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adhésifs pour emballage et bobinage en rouleau

At Intercol we serve several applications in the winding industry with our adhesives. Both waterbased, and hot melt adhesives. For special applications even watersolluble hot melt adhesives.

Winder: Core Gluing Device, Function

Function of glue nozzle
Glue is sprinkled in the middle of a nozzle
High pressure air jets is caused a spiral
figure for a glue strip.

Winder: End Gluing

• The purpose of end gluing is to attach the end of the web section to the shipping roll
• The end gluing device is located under the center drum
• Glue is applied on the webs in stripes of desired length as the winder is decelerating
for set change. Once the glued web has proceeded into the nip between the roll and
winding drum, the topmost web in the roll and the glued web are glued together.
• In set change the web is cut off and the glued web remains in the roll

Winder: End Gluing -Glue Tank and Glue Pump

• The end gluing device includes a glue container, a glue pump, washing water container
and filters for the glue and washing water.

Winder: End Gluing – Attaching glue to the web

2 3 4
1 Glue nozzle box and cover (1a)
2 Glue nozzle
3 Guide bar
4 Openings of the guide bar
5 Pneumatic lifting cylinders

Wrapping principle

Wrapping material: laminated kraft/ testliner
Protective thick inner heads
Hot melt gluing
Laminated sealable outer heads
Markings and labels

Feeding Table and Gluing

Nordson Hot-Melt gluing device: The
gluing device includes the main unit for
the melting of glue, heated glue hoses
and line of gluing guns with nozzles at
each 50 mm across the feed table.

Paper mill adhesives

Roll wrapping

Ream Wrapping

Winders Pick-up and tail-seal

Labelling on ABB robots

 Roll Wrapping
PalletTypeViscositéSoftening PointOpen TimeSet SpeedAdhesionImportant Remarks
 EHM 8088Bigbag 500 kg 1250cP @160°C111°CShort MediumFast       MediumGoodYears of reference. Good quality. Economic. Valmet Recommendation. Colored version possible.
 14 kg  SackPastilles
 Pallet 54×14 kg =756 kg 
 EHM 8946Bigbag 500 kgPastilles670cP @ 160°C87°CLong MediumExcellentThe adhesive is flexible. Performs well when packaging thin paper qualities. Reduced bursting. See report.
 14 kg  Sack
 Pallet 54×14 kg =756 kg
 EHM 5102Bigbag 500 kgPastilles1800cP @ 160°C106°CMediumFastExcellentBased on new technology. Very low consumption and excellent thermal stability. Low maintenance and low consumption.
 14 kg  Sack
 Pallet 54×14 kg =756 kg
 Ream Wrapping
 EHM 8946 XBigbag 500 kgPastilles670cP @ 160°C87°CLong MediumExcellentLow temperature grade developed with leading suppliers of liners. High adhesion allows low consumption. See report. 
 14 kg  Sack
 Pallet 54×14 kg =756 kg
 EHM 5108Bigbag 500 kgPastilles1080cP @ 160°C111°CMediumFastExcellentNew technology. Lower consumption. Works well on Pemco Lines . No degradation no nozzle blockage. Works well in Feeders.
 14 kg  Sack
 Pallet 54×14 kg =756 kg
 Winders Pick-Up and Tail-Seal
 EHM 9176 EcoBlock5250cP @ 160°C98°CPSAPSAGoodPick-up grade for Valmet Winders. Alternative EHM 6944 will operate at lower temperatures. Improved Safety less Maintenance.
 15 kg  Box
 Pallet 50x15kg =750 kg
 EHM 8906 EcoBlock1750cP @ 160°C70°CLong MediumGoodTail-seal grade for Valmet. No imprints.
 15 kg  Box
 Pallet 50x15kg =750 kg
 P 231 VL400030 kg Pail Pail4000cP @ 20°CWaterbased DextrineLong SlowGoodWaterbased Dextrine with solids > 60 % for Valmet Winders. Works well in nozzle systems and is Easy to Clean
 Pallet 12×30 kg=360 kg
 1000 kg IBC
 Labelling ABB Robots 
 EHM 8936 EcoBlock6200cP @ 160°C72°CPSAPSAExcellentVery good adhesion to PE films across range of temperatures. Good spray pattern. See report. 
 15 kg  Box
 Pallet 50x15kg =750 kg