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PSA smältlim

PSA is an abbreviation for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, which means that the adhesive will stick if pressure is applied between substrates.

Sticky hot melt

PSA hotmelts are hot melt adhesives that retain their sticky properties even after cooling. Well-known applications are self-adhesive tapes (duct-tape) and self-adhesive labels (stickers).

PSA hot melt block

PSA formulation

Most PSA hotmelts are based on more synthetic rubbers and resins.

PSA hot melt adhesives are known about the high initial tack and long-term adhesion. Hot melts can be formulated with raw materials such as oils, resins, and polymers like

  • styrene butadiene rubbers
  • atactic polypropylene
  • styrenic block copolymers
  • low-density polyethylene
  • butyl rubber
  • polybutenes

Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive applications can be made with extremely high and low coat weights, depending on the requirements of the end product.

PSA hot melt applications

Common pressure-sensitive tape applications include:

  • Duct tapes
  • Masking and paper tapes
  • Tapes for hygiene applications
  • Heavy-duty tapes
  • Masking and paper tapes
  • Reinforced tapes
  • Double-sided tapes
  • Cloth tapes
  • Electrical tapes

PSA hot melt for self adhesive tapes

These products are used for many self adhesive tape applications, an overview of standard available products below:

Standard PSA hot melt adhesives for tape applications