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Plastlim - smeltesmelt

Hot melt adhesives can bond on most plastic materials, like PVC, PET and PE. PP materials are the most diffucult to bond. Some PSA hot melt adhesives stick quite well on PP. PP can have a surface treatment to increase surface tension, and as a result, is easier to bond.

Bulk, sticks, PSA

There are many applications to bond plastic in packaging and product assembly production lines. Hot melt is also very good to use in automated processes. Standard hot melt in bulk (same properties like the shaped glue sticks) needs to bond when the hot melt is still in a hot, molten state. PSA hot melts remain sticky after cooling down. PSA hot melts are also used to produce self adhesive packaging tape and duct-tape.

Example applications with PE, PVC, PET, PP, EPS and ABS

  • Make a sticky layer to stabilise a pallet with shrink foil wrapped products
  • Bonding pallet wrap foil to a pallet, to eliminate staples
  • Bond labels to PET bottles
  • Attach PVC profiles to carpets
  • Resealable packaging
  • Self adhesive plastic labels
  • Assembly of plastic products
  • White goods products
  • Foam assembly
  • Mattress construction
  • Automotive parts
  • Bonding EPS parts together
  • Glue a carton layer on EPS
  • Construction of Pallets with EPS
  • Automotive textiles
  • Filtre
  • Mattress pocket springs
  • Electronics
  • Plastic window attachments
  • Insulation materials
  • Construction material assembly and civil engineering
  • Foam lamination (underlay)
  • Pakning