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Jak odstranit lepidlo z částí stroje

Some companies have the challenge of downtime created by the adhesive taking a long time/being difficult to remove from machine parts.

Starting point

First of all: adhesive should not be on machine parts. Waterbased and hot melt adhesives should have the right viscosity and rheology, machine settings should have:

  • The right nozzles
  • The right adhesive positions
  • The right pump pressure
  • The right application temperatures
  • The right pressure curve
  • The right adhesive

Some adhesives are easier to remove from machine parts than others, we can select easy to remove adhesives if your substrates allow. With hot melt adhesives, it might help to select a harder (shore hardness) adhesive.

After a detailed investigation in our lab we can identify or develop an adhesive solution that would simply peel straight off steel and yet still give strong fibre tear on e.g. substrates in the freezer.