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Hoe hotmeltlijm perfect in uw productieproces te integreren

Hot melt adhesives are commonly used in packaging applications. Its main benefit is that it provides a quick reliable bond. It enables high efficiency in production processes due to its minimal dry time and immediate further processing of finished goods.

Easy of automation

Because it is easily integrated into an automated process, hot melt adhesives are frequently used in the packaging industry. And what is certainly not unimportant is that hot melt adhesives are free of solvents and therefore better for the environment and for the health of people who come into contact with them.

Automated hot melt testing

Why Hot Melt is Great for Packaging

Hot melt adhesives are used for small detailed cartons to heavy duty wraparound cases. Because the variety of adhesive formulas available practically every application is covered. Hot melt adhesive has not only a high heat resistance, but provide also good bonds at low temperatures as low as -40C and humid environments. Packaging grades cover a wide array of substrates, it can adhere to all types of paper, board and plastics. Hot melt adhesives are available in cost effective bulk quantities.