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Hvordan fremstilles klæbebånd?

Sticky tape is usually made of 2 components, a construction layer, most plastic, and a sticky layer, most a PSA hot melt adhesive. Hot melt adhesive is in favour because ot the ability to provide a high initial tack.

How is removable tape made?

The same construction layer as with standard tape can be used, only a less tacky, more rubbery PSA hot melt is coated as the sticky layer.

Is it possible to make a tape more or less sticky?

yes, we already have dozens of standard grades of PSA hot melt adhesive, e.g. to:

  • Provide high initial tack, for fast running machines where products “fly” by at high speeds (e.g. fast labelling machines)
  • Provide high initial bond, to grab something and not let it go anymore (e.g. fly traps).
  • High strength (peel strength), to be sure the product cannot be opened unless the structure is damaged as well
  • Low application temperature, if polar bears need it….
  • High temperature resistance, if your products are used on sunny beaches…
Adhesion properties of a PSA hot melt adhesive