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Tung golvproduktion

Intercol has developed a special lamination hot melt adhesive for heavy duty industrial floor use, PUR HM 3350.

Panel production for e.g. flooring applications

It is used for laminatingsteel plates to enforced multiplex using, it has been formulated with an UV indicator to visualize the adhesive during the production process. There is an excellent wetting which ensures a perfect transfer of the adhesive. This flooring withstands all weather  outdoors usage, heavy mechincal and chemical and provides a mechanical stable floor for carrying heavy weights.

Floor panel production with PUR hot melt adhesive

Advantages of PUR hot melt adhesives for floor panel laminations

Outreaching properties of floor panels requires PUR smältlim to be of high quality and reliable application equipment. This adhesive application system must be prevent curing reaction inside of machinery. Our technical experts can help you in finding the most optimal machine settings.

  • High temperature resistance, up to 140°C.
  • High elastic bond.
  • High moisture and chemical resistance.
  • Safe to use in hygienic products, industrial and residential products.
  • High adhesion, low adhesive consumption.
  • High green strength, easy to automate in automatic production processes.
  • Solvent free adhesive technology