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Limpapirruller (pick-up lim)

Technical datasheet K1097
Special features:
K1097 is an adhesive developed for paper and carton applications. Suitable for gluing paper rolls (pick-up glue) or corrugated boxes.

Adhesive with special properties

  • High wettack
  • Long open time

Technical datasheet of this Pick-up glue

Composition : Dispersion adhesive based on homopolymer
Brookfield viscosity : 4800 mPa.s ( HAT; spindle 4; 50 rpm; 20°C)
Solid content : 26,9 %
pH : 5,6
Colour : Wit

Food safe adhesive

Application in US food packaging:
Conform to FDA CFR 21§ 175.105 (adhesives)

Our have a look at our food safe SML adhesive, according to EU food safety packaging

Application Method

Suited for brush, wheel or roller machines.
Cleaning can be performed with water.
30 kgs. drum – 1000 ltr. Container.
Keep the containers closed and store preferably at room temperature.
The adhesive is sensitive to frost. Shelf life is six months.