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Hotmelt for all Direct Mail applications

Hot melt adhesives are the most used adhesives when it comes to preparing items for direct mail, whether it’s for marketing, advertising, informational, or educational services. The best known example is the credit card application. These hot melt adhesives are pressure sensitive adhesives that are easy to use and easy to integrate in automatic machine applicators.

These semi pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives are also known as fugitive glue.

Hot melt adhesives for Direct Mail applications

  • Attach coupons or special offers. 
  • Include brochures or additional information. 
  •  Attach mail-back rebate cards, questionnaires, or surveys. 
  • Easily create mass mailers.

Hotmelt adhesives are easy to applicate en remove with a clean look.

Hot melt adhesive applications and testing

Different adhesion strengths.

Semi PSA hot melt adhesives are available in varying tack strengths.

  • Low (easy removable)
  • Medium (removable)
  • High (paper: permanent; plastic: removable)
  • Super High (permanent bond)