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Kaffekopp smältlim

Adhesives manufactured for the production of coffee cups or hot packed provide a good level of adhesion and high heat resistance. , of course, be able to withstand high temperatures. Our EHM 4244 offers absolute the highest possible temperature resistance, over 100°C

EHM 5088 is a versatile hot-melt packaging adhesive with a quick setting time to maximise production speeds the first hot melt adhesive to consider for high speeds and high temperature resistance.

The Polyolefin is mixed with advanced food-grade adhesion promotors. Therefor this hot melt has impressive adhesions levels. It will ensure a secure bond through hard transport conditions and the harshest of environments. It wil hold and prevent your packaging coming apart when high heat is applied (EHM 5088 up to 80°C, EHM 9244 up to 100°C). Due to the low density metallocene technology less adhesive is needed during application.

EHM 5088 is ideal for difficult pack sizing applications, it can cope with flexibility and offers instant adhesion.

Fully compostable beverage cups in accordance with EN 13432.