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Biobased PVAC adhesives

PVAC adhesives are made from raw materials like Acetic Acid and Ethylene. These components are mostly made on industrial scale from fossil origin. These components can also be made from reneweable resources. At Intercol, we can provide third party certificates, that ensure that a renewable resources are used or are fully compensated in our production process. Besides the reneable sourcing, it also saves 50% CO₂. Industrial this is known as the biomass mass-balance approach. Our waterbased dispersion Adhesives can be 100% biomass-mass-balanced, depening on the specific formulation.

Biobased PVAC adhesives – with the bassmalance method

Other biobased adhesives

There are also standard biobased raw materials possible, such as Starch and protein. The disadvantage of these adhesives are often the limited technical properties.