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Automatizujte výrobní procesy pomocí lepidel

Adhesives have been part of the modern industrial revolution, where the FMCG, DIY, home, garden & kitchen items are consumed in huge numbers every day. Some examples:

  • Food is produced in huge amounts and packed into smaller portions. Packaging machines typical run between 10.000 and 80.000 products per hour.
  • Parcel boxes protect goods, are sized to order end efficiently produced by machines, all of this made possible with especially hot melt adhesives.
  • Tiles can be glued instead of bricklayed in cement. Even for industrial used floorings. Instead a traditional floor is available in a week with traditional cement, floors can be ready to build further now after a day. This is possibly to special blends of cement and adhesives
  • The DIY hot melt hand gun, with 11mm glue sticks, is most likely your first experience with hot melt adhesives. Intercol had over 2.000 different hot melt grades. These can be based on EVA, Rubber, Polyolefin, PUR and PolyAmide.
  • Many furnitures are assembled and glued together. To save materials and production time. Honeycomb saves on raw materials in relation to solid woods. Composite furnitures combine strength with water resistancy and low weight structures.
  • From the production of artificial grass, geotextiles to seed and fruit coatings, it is often related ot adhesives.
  • And probably the most expensive and most used furniture in your house, the kitchen, is assembled with adhesives and sealants. To make everyday’s use pleasant.

Automation techniques with adhesives

Adhesives did replace many tape’s, screws, welding, nailing, staples, and other mechanical fixings. The advantage of adhesives are often:

  • Easy to automate in inline processes. A product placed on a conveyor belt passes by and is contactless applied with adhesive, where instantly the product can be sealed or assembled.
  • Quick adhesion with e.g. hot melt adhesion. Instant adhesion is possible. We are happy to advice for your specific production process.
  • Reliable bond depending on your product requirements. Optimized efficiency and durability.
  • Nozzle application, swirl– and roller-application are the most often seen adhesion techniques.
Adhesive automated applications