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alkalilösliga märkningslim för PET-återvinning

Alkali dispersible hot melt adhesives for labelling plastic bottles

Intercol has smältlim available for end-of-line labelling adhesives. Some of these products meet Returpack Kft’s standards for alkali wash-ability. Food packaging can achieve a greater level of corporate social responsibility and reduce packaging tax in recycling PET, glass and metal cans.

Alkali washable hotmelts like EHM 9896 enables the labels to be washed off in recycling processes even at a lower than standard temperatures. An extra advantage is that this hot melt labelling adhesive allows energy savings through the alkali wash cycle and an increased level of recyclable PET content.

Other hot melt adhesive developments

Intercol has a whole range of environmentally focused adhesives designed to help adopters meets their sustainability and CSR goals. Requirements such as:

  • Biobased
  • Biodegradeable
  • Compostable
  • Foodsafety

can be met depending on the application and other requirements to achieve a reliable packaging and efficient production process