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Alkali dispergerbart smeltelim

Sustainable alkali dispersible labeling adhesives are available as waterbased an as hot melt adhesives. Waterbased adhesives are dissolved in water. Hot melt adhesives are seen as thermoplastic materails which means that in room temperature these adhesives appear in solid phase but become liquid after heatingen. Hot melt adhesives are 100% solid, and do NOT require solvents of any kind. The absence of solvents makes hot melt adhesives extremely eco-friendly.

Alkali dispersable hot melt labelling adhesives

Next to environmentally-friendliness, alkali soluble labeling hot melt adhesives should meet other requirements for recyclable PET bottle labeling such as Returpack. This standard for alkali soluble labeling adhesives supports efficient and effective recycling processes. According to the Returpack requirements, the adhesive must be soluble in alkali under specified circumstances. As the adhesive is alkali dispersible in relatively low temperature also the energy consumption is reduced and sustainability increased.