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Lim för medicinska textilier

PPE like Face masks, gowns, protective suits and gloves are produced with adhesives, often specially formulated to the need of the production circumstances.

Medical Protective Suits

Some of the Intercol’s binders are used in nonwoven fabrics used to make the protective suits. The suits provide a protective barrier against splashes of liquids, thus helping to contain the spread of infectious diseases. Consequently, special requirements are imposed on the suit material. Intercol’s adhesives help meet these requirements.

Great Binding Power Combined with High Flexibility

These special adhesives combine very strong adhesion with high flexibility. In this case the adhesive seals fibers and nonwoven fabric together. The adhesive improves the tensile strength preventing the material tearing without impairing its softness. The adhesive enables very good fluid absorption and is also safe in contact with the skin.

Textile and filter adhesives

Intercol manufacturers a wide range of polymer dispersions and solid resins. Our adhesives are used in numerous industries to enhance product properties and improve production efficiency

The dispersions adhesives can be based on vinyl acetate, starch and other waterbased raw materials.