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Adhesion promoters are often essential components in waterbased adhesive, coatings and sealant formulations. With our blending experience in hybrid compounds where we combine the functionality of standard waterbased adhesives with reactive additives. Adhesion promoters can also function as molecular bridgesbetween organic polymers and inorganic materials.

Using adhesion promoters might be complex, Intercol’s R&D department is available for toll manufacturing and customer specific product development. Specifi needs might be:

Testing adhesion promoters on machine running properties
  • Increase adhesion to a variety of different substrates
  • Improving storage stability for formulations
  • Prevent premature curing
  • Catalyze the curing reactions of
  • Improve the physical and mechanical properties of filled and reinforced formulations
  • Enhance the chemical resistance of the cured products

In order to enhance adhesion, some adhesion promoters even migrate to the bond line interface and then build up a network between the substrate and the curing polymer network of the formulation. The most commonly used adhesion promoters are acrylates, plasticizers, amino-, epoxy- and methacryloxysilanes.